Villager severely injured in landmine blast

A villager was severely injured when he stepped on a landmine while collecting wild mushrooms with other villagers along the Cambodian border in Ubon Ratchathani’s Nam Khun district Tuesday. Fonte: Thailandia Nel territorio di Ubon Ratchathani, Comune Nam Khun circa 40 residenti raccolgono funghi, un 35-enne pressa una mina, l’uomo gravemente ferito è subito…


Afghanistan: Car bomb injures dozens in Kabul

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a car bomb that has left close to 100 people injured in the Afghan capital Kabul. Violence in the region has escalated ahead of crucial elections. Fonte: Afghanistan–Kabul L’esplosione di una mina celata in un veicolo (autobomba) ferisce più di 100 civili. la fonte non cita probabili decessi….


Blast In Herat Kills Four Civilians

At least four civilians were killed and 25 more wounded as a result of an IED explosion in the western city of Herat on Monday evening, the provincial police said. Fonte: Afghanistan–Herat Nel Distretto di Mahalle Haji Abbas, l’esplosione di una mina (Ied), celata in un moto uccide quattro residenti e ferisce altre 25…


Murzuq, bombardamenti aerei, 100 vittime

08/08/2019 Libia “If you ever come across anything suspicious like this item, please do not pick it up, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance”. Yesterday, fighting between LNA and GNA forces continued. LNA forces carried out air strikes on Misrata’s air college, and GNA forces retaliated by striking Al Jufra airbase, reportedly a…

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2 civilians wounded by landmine blast in anbar

In remarks, a security source said that the incident occurred in the district of al-Qa’im, west of Anbar, where a landmine had been planted on the side of a road. Fonte: Iraq–Diyala–Al-Qa’im L’esplosione di una mina celata in strada ferisce gravemente due civili. Biography of a Bomb


Four children hurt in landmine blast

Four children were critically injured in a landmine explosion in North Waziristan tribal district on Wednesday, officials and hospital sources said Fonte: Pakistan–Khyber Pakhtunkhwa–South Waziristan In località Razmak, l’esplosione di una mina ferisce quattro bambini, due dei quali risultano in gravissime condizioni. Biography of a Bomb


landmine blast

An explosive device planted by unknown people exploded in al-Ajami town in the western countryside of Daraa, which seriously injured 2 people, Fonte: Siria–Dar’a In località al-Ajami (Alajami), l’esplosione di una mina (Ied) ferisce gravemente due civili. Biography of a Bomb


landmine killed

In Deir Ezzor Province, 2 people were killed in a landmine explosion of the war remnant in al-Ji’aa village in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor. Fonte: Siria–Deir el-Zor In località al-Ji’aa, l’esplosione di un residuato bellico uccide due civili. Nel territorio di Idlib, a Kafr Zita, le incursioni aeree uccidono altri due bambini….

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