Houthi landmine kills child, injures three adults in Taiz

The landmine exploded as the passengers car ran over it in Yakhtel in the east of Taiz city causing the casualties. Houthi militia planted roads and villages with hundreds of landmines before the fled away ahead of the advancing army months ago. Fonte: Yemen–Taʿizz L’esplosione di una mina, travolge un mezzo di trasporto. La…


Landmine Kills 1, Wounds 2 in Arsal’s Outskirts

A landmine left behind by jihadist groups on Tuesday killed a Lebanese citizen and wounded two others in the outskirts of the eastern border town of Arsal. Fonte: Libano–Baalbek-Hermel Nel Comune di Arsal l’esplosione di una mina uccide un civile e ferisce altri due residenti.


Three Bedouins wounded by Houthi landmine in Aljawf

Hassan Mohsen Saleh, his sister and elderly mother unknowingly stepped on a landmine and, as a result, were injured during a journey toward al-Hazm, the capital of the desert Aljawf province. Earlier this same month, two women were killed and two others were injured with their donkey in Mallah to the west of the same…


Four civilians injured in bomb blast in southern Baghdad

Baghdad ( – Four civilians were wounded Wednesday in a bomb explosion in southern Baghdad, a security source was quoted as saying. Speaking to Baghdad Today news website, the source said, “A bomb exploded today near a sheep market at Hor Rajab area in southern Baghdad.” Fonte: Iraq–Baghdad L’esplosione di un Ied ferisce gravemente…


Landmine blast injures 4 in SE Iran

Explosion of a landmine, remaining from Saddam era’s Iraqi-imposed war (1980-88), injured 4 members of a family in Fath ol-Mobin town, north of Khuzestan Province. Fonte: Iran–Khūzestān Nel territorio di Dezful in località Fath l’esplosione di una mina (1980-88) sepolta in strada travolge un auto, la detonazione ferisce gravemente i quattro passeggeri. Biography of…


An explosion kill child, wound 3 civilians northern al Mocha

A child was killed and three civilians were wounded Tuesday when a landmine exploded in the eastern part of the northern al Mocha city on the Red Sea coast, eyewitnesses said. Fonte: Yemen–Ta’izz Nel territorio della Città di Mokhā l’esplosione di una mina uccide un bambino e ferisce tre famigliari. Le vittime viaggiavano in auto….


Two children killed in landmine explosion, west of Anbar

Two children were killed as a landmine went off in Kubeisa city, west of Anbar,” the source told Alghad Press. The landmine, according to the source, was old one and it exploded as the children were near to it. “Security troops started combing the region in search for other landmines. Fonte: Iraq–Al-Anbār Nel territorio…


One killed, 2 wounded in southern Baghdad bomb blast

Baghdad ( One person was killed and two others were wounded on Friday when a bomb blast hit in area south of the Iraqi capital, a security source was quoted saying. Fonte: Iraq–Baghdad L’esplosione di un Ied, celato nei pressi di un mercato uccide un residente e ferisce altri due civili. La fonte non…


ISIS killed the child Aboud al Sultan in Suwaidan Jazira village in Deir Ez-Zour

The child Aboud Fadel al Sultan killed due to explosion of landmine planted by ISIS in Suwaidan Jazira village in Deir Ez-Zour governorate eastern suburbs before retreating from the city. Fonte: Siria-Deir el-Zor In località Suwaidan Jazira, l’esplosione di una mina uccide un adolescente. Biography of a Bomb


Monfumo, criminalità e residuati bellici

Nel Comune di Monfumo il 3 ottobre una bomba esplode di fronte la residenza di un imprenditore agricolo del luogo (Emanuele Rech, 31 anni). Le successive indagini effettuate dai Carabinieri di Asolo coadiuvati dai colleghi Castelfranco e Treviso portano all’arresto sia dell’autore sia del mandante dell’attentato. In questi giorni il GIP del tribunale di Treviso…

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