Mr. al Hmoud al Abdullah killed by ISIS in al Idekhar neighborhood in Raqqa city

Mohammad Eisa al Hmoud al Abdullah, born in 1960, from al Idekhar neighborhood west of Raqqa city, killed to explosion of landmine planted by ISIS near al Idekhar Circle in al Idekhar neighborhood before retreating from the neighborhood. Fonte: Siria-Al Raqqa Nel quartiere di Al Idekhar, un 47-enne è ucciso dall’esplosione di una mina.


One dead, one maimed in North Darfur UXO blast

A relative of one of the victims said that Hamid Harran Ismael died and Halima Eisa Ibrahim lost both hands in the blast at Kaja area north of Shangil Tobaya in Dar El Salam locality in North Darfur. Fonte: Sudan-Darfur L’esplosione di un residuato bellico travolge una coppia. Hamid Harran Ismael colpito da numerose…


Land mine kills 3 in western Iran

A car with three people on board hit military mines planted in border areas and all passengers were killed. Despite the fact that land mine areas have been cleared, explosions of mines and other explosive devices remaining from the Iran-Iraq war often cause death and injuries. Fonte: Iran–Ilam Nel territorio di Mehran l’esplosione di…


Landmines Kill Eight Civilians Including Children

According to Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, in the past 3 days, landmines that were planted by ISIS before their withdrawal from the city, exploded and killed Bashar Al Assaf, Hamadi Al Hasan, Hasan Khalaf, Majid Al Mhawesh, Omar Hamed and Mohammad Dob while they were checking their homes. They were all young men. Fonte:…


Grenade kills 3 minors in Davao City

At around 4 pm, according to a police report, the father discovered that his two sons and his nephew, Julio, were already lay on the ground after an explosion. Police said the victims found an M203 grenade inside their relative’s farm, where the incident happened, and later burned the explosive device “that caused the explosion…


Man Loses Legs In Landmine Blast In Tank

They said that Bakht Mir who went to nearby mountains to bring firewood was seriously injured after a landmine planted by militants blasted and left him seriously injured. He was shifted to District Headquarters Hospital DI Khan where doctors told his relatives that he has lost his legs. Hundreds of people have died or amputated…


TRA MEMORIA E SOLIDARIETÀ. 2 Dicembre 1943: inferno su Bari

Giovedì 7 Dicembre 2017, con inizio alle ore 10.00, si è tenuto, nella Sala Consiliare del Palazzo della Città Metropolitana di Bari, il terzo convegno del ciclo “Tra memoria e solidarietà”, intitolato: “2 Dicembre 1943: inferno su Bari”. L’evento è stato organizzato dal Dipartimento Ordigni Bellici Inesplosi dell’Associazione Nazionale Vittime Civili di Guerra Onlus, in…

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