A child injured in landmine blast in Hama countryside

A child was seriously wounded due to a blast of a landmine left behind by terrorist organizations in Salamiya countryside in Hama eastern countryside. Fonte: Siria–Hama–Salamiya In località Soha, l’esplosione di una mina ferisce gravemente un bambino. Biography of a Bomb


Three killed in landmine explosion in Idleb countryside

SANA reporter in Hama said that on Sunday a landmine went off, causing the martyrdom of three persons while they were harvesting olives in Um al-Tertakiya village in Idleb southeastern countryside. Fonte: Siria–Idlib In località Um al-Tertakiya l’esplosione di una mina uccide tre agricoltori. Le vittime erano impegnate con la raccolta delle olive. Biography…


Landmine killed

Five civilians were killed when a landmine exploded in the village of Maezeila north of Deir ez-Zur on Monday Fonte: Siria–Deir el-Zor In località Maezeila l’esplosione di una mina uccide cinque civili. Biography of a Bomb


Explosives Kill Two in Northern Shan

In Kyaukme Township, two ethnic Ta’ang women, aged 20 and 26, were heading from Khon Ngan Village to the center of town by motorbike to do some shopping when they hit an explosive at about 9:30 a.m., according to relatives. They said the younger woman, Lway Kham Yin, died from her injuries at a Mandalay…


One killed, 4 injured in North Waziristan blast

At least one person was killed and four others injured in a bomb blast in North Waziristan on Friday, local media reported. According to district administration, the blast occurred in Edak village of Mir Ali Tehsil. Fonte: Pakistan-North Waziristan-Mir Ali L’esplosione di una mina uccide un residente e ferisce altre quattro persone. Biography of…


ANVCG al 19° Corso BCM

Esercito Italiano In occasione della prima giornata del 19° Corso BCM organizzato da GENIODIFE e con istruttori del Centro di Eccellenza C-IED, l’Associazione Nazionale Vittime Civili di Guerra ha presentato ai numerosi corsisti (civili e militari) sia le proprie attività di sensibilizzazione nei confronti del pericolo residuati bellici, sia le collaborazioni con Stato Maggiore Esercito…


Jhargaon, trovano la bomba, ma questa esplode

13/11/2018 India “If you ever come across anything suspicious like this item, please do not pick it up, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance” “Sushil Sarkar (45) and Sagar Mandal (25) sustained minor injuries. Going into the details it was found that the F/98 Battalion of BSF, which was engaged in the adjacent…


Landmine blast left victims in the city of Afrin north of Aleppo

“A landmine of the Kurdish protection militia’s remnants exploded in an agricultural machine belonging to a farmer of the village of Saerianli in the area of Balil in rural Afrin,” the correspondent of “Nedaa Syria” reported. Fonte: Siria–Aleppo–Afrin Nel territorio di Balil, l’esplosione di una mina uccide 5 agricoltori e ferisce gravemente altri lavoratori….


Five Syrian civilians injured in landmine blast in Daraa

SANA’s reporter said that a landmine planted by terrorists prior to their defeat from Daraa city , went off in Daraa al-Mahatta neighborhood, injuring five persons. Fonte: Siria–Dar’a Nel quartiere di al-Mahatta, l’esplosione di una mina ferisce cinque civili. Biography of a Bomb

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