Two Children And One Man Injured In A Landmine Explosion In Deirezzor

A 14-year-old girl reportedly lost her leg on Sunday, the 14th of January, in a landmine explosion, in the town of al-Kashkiya in rural Deirezzor. A man and child were injured in another landmine explosion in the Shabakeh neighborhood, in the town of Al-Shaheel east of Deirezzor city. Fonte: rfsmediaoffice.com Siria-Deir el-Zor In località Keshkiya,…


Three children injured in landmine explosion in Quneitra countryside

Quneitra, SANA_ Three children were injured when a landmine left by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists went off in the southwest of the village of Jaba in Quneitra countryside on Saturday. A medical source told SANA reporter that “three children aged between 12 and 13 years  were injured, one seriously, by shrapnel following the explosion of a…


Minor critically injured after unexploded bomb goes off in J&K

Pakistan during cross-border shelling in the recent past, had remained unexploded and undetected, the official said. The boy was playing in the field when he came across the bomb, he said. Fonte: indianexpress.com India–Kashmir Nel Distretto di Poonch, in località Qasba un 12-enne residente a Shahpur è ferito da un residuato bellico raccolto per curiosità.


Houthi landmine wounds whole family in Beidha

A whole family of parents and their kids have been subjected to various injuries in Beidha when their car ran over a Houthi-planted landmine, local sources said. Abdullah Ali Al-Ameri was driving in Hawran of Beidha province on Thursday with his wife and kids in the car when the landmine exploded, said the sources without…


Woman Killed And Daughter Injured In Daesh Landmine

According to local media pages, a woman was killed, and her daughter injured in a Daesh-planted landmine in the town of Keshkiyeh in eastern rural Deirezzor. The woman had lifted the lid of her oven, which she used to make bread, when the landmine exploded. Fonte: rfsmediaoffice.com Siria-Deir el-Zor In località Keshkiya, l’esplosione di una mina…


Landmine kills a man in Benghazi

Al-Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi received a dead man’s body after he was killed by a landmine explosion in downtown Benghazi. The media office’s Head at the Hospital, Fadiya Al-Barghathi said Wednesday that the man died immediately after the explosion. Many civilians were killed in landmine and war remnants’ explosions in Sabri and downtown Benghazi as…


Five Civilians Injured in Shan State Landmine Blasts

They went to the old Man Jub village to chop firewood. The village was empty, but government troops are deployed there. The soldiers told them not to go beyond the village. But they thought it would be fine, and unfortunately the mines exploded,” Zau Ra told The Irrawaddy.Three of the five men were injured in…


Casualties Including Children In Raqqa

3 Civilians were killed and 3 children were injured on Thursday after land mines planted previously by the Islamic state ISIS militant group exploded in Raqqa city. Activists reported that a land mine exploded in Hesham Ben Abdulmalik neighborhood, which led to 3 fatalities and 3 children injured. Fonte: qasioun-news.com Siria-Al Raqqa In località Hesham Ben…


Six dead, hurt in bomb blast

A roadside bomb killed at least two persons and wounded four others in the Washer district of Helmand province, officials said Wednesday. A civilian car struck a landmine on Herat-Kandahar highway in Sangilan area, Washer district, Wednesday morning, said Muhammad Ibrahim, administrator of the same district. Fonte: thefrontierpost.com Afghanistan–Helmand In località Washer l’esplosione di una…

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