Ognuno recita il proprio ruolo, immerso in quella divina sensazione di devozione allo scopo comune: la realizzazione di un'opera d'arte, che anche la bonifica bellica sa idealizzare.


Ognuno recita il proprio ruolo, immerso in quella divina sensazione di devozione allo scopo comune: la realizzazione di un'opera d'arte, che anche la bonifica bellica sa idealizzare.

Does live Civil War explosive found in Georgia need to be destroyed?

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15/03/2022 Stati Uniti, Georgia, Cobb, Kennesaw Mountain

“If you ever come across anything suspicious like this item, please do not pick it up, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance”

A Cobb County Police Department bomb squad was called to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield in Georgia, where a 157-year-old Union parrott shell from the Civil War was found. MUST CREDIT: Cobb County Police Department. PHOTO BY COBB COUNTY(GA.) POLICE DEPARTME /Handout

Police in Cobb County, Ga., are planning to destroy a live Civil War artillery round found at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park last month. But do they really need to? Civil War collectors and munitions experts are saying detonating the artifact to neutralize it will unnecessarily obliterate a piece of history. Live shells of this nature are easily defused and rendered safe by soaking them in water. “Oh, you can get hurt by this thing – if you drop it on your foot,” remarked Jack Melton, publisher of the Artilleryman Magazine, a specialty publication about Civil War cannons and shells. “A propane tank in the back of your car would cause more damage.” The live round was discovered by archaeologists at Kennesaw Mountain, the scene of a major Civil War battle in 1864. Located near Marietta, Ga., this hallowed ground is where Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman of the Union Army charged into Confederate forces headed by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston during Sherman’s famous March to the Sea. Kennesaw Mountain was a tactical defeat for the North but also a strategic loss for the South, which could not prevent Sherman from reaching Atlanta.

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Source: torontosun.com

What the publisher Jack Melton says is not true, in fact in Virginia, in 2008 a remnant of the Civil War kills a young man intent on tinkering with the device (it is not necessary to mention other misfortunes).  Therefore, we have to paid maximum attention to all war remnants not exploded, including the Civil War ones. Finally, the danger of the residue cannot be established by a publisher or various collectors, but by the competent EOD teams in the place of discovery. Tiziana Piscitelli

Non è vero ciò che afferma l’editore Jack Melton, infatti in Virginia, nel 2008 un residuato della guerra di secessione uccide un giovane intento a smanettare l’ordigno (non serve citare altre disgrazie). Quindi occorre prestare massima attenzione a tutti i residuati bellici non esplosi compreso quelli della guerra di secessione. Infine a stabilire la pericolosità del residuato non può essere un editore o collezionisti vari, ma i team EOD competenti nel luogo del rinvenimento.

If you find anything that appears to be an explosive device, do not touch it, leave it where it is and call the police. We will contact the appropriate agencies to properly dispose of the item.

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