“El explosivo no pierde, pero la activación se deteriora”

23/04/2019 Spagna “If you ever come across anything suspicious like this item, please do not pick it up, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance”. JAVIER PAJARÓN La Policía Nacional creó una especializada en desactivación de explosivos en 1975, integrada en la Brigada de Información y orientada inicialmente a la lucha contra el terrorismo….


Three children killed in landmine explosion left by terrorists in Quneitra countryside

Went off  in the surroundings of Khan Arnabah near the houses of citizens while many children were playing in the place, killing three children and injuring another. Fonte: golantimes.com Siria–Al-Qunaytra (Quneitra- Al Qunaytirah) In località Khan Arnabeh, l’esplosione di una mina uccide tre bambini e ferisce un loro coetaneo. Il gruppo giocava con l’ordigno. Biography…


What does it mean for Sri Lanka, which is still recovering from decades of civil war?

Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday turned into a scene of death and destruction. Churches and luxury hotels were targeted in at least eight coordinated blasts. Hundreds of people were killed, many as they attended Christian services. Police say the first six explosions happened in one wave, two more blasts came hours later. he bombings took place…


Former inmates speak of catastrophic Overcrowding, they speak of Hunger, of torture, of slavery

Libia-Tripolitania-Tripoli Libya, meanwhile, is fragmented between two rival governments split between the eastern and western parts of the country. The political vacuum created in the wake of the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi enabled the rise of armed groups that gain significant influence over political factions, further complicating the peace process and prospects of a unified…


Amsterdam, residuato bellico esplode in Lijnbaansgracht

22/04/2019 Olanda, Olanda Settentrionale, Amsterdam “If you ever come across anything suspicious like this item, please do not pick it up, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance”. Een 42-jarige man is maandagmiddag gewond geraakt in zijn woning aan de Lijnbaansgracht. De man was een onderdeel van een granaat aan het schoonmaken, wat tot…


Two children killed, three more injured by Houthi landmine in Aljawf

Local source told the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) a landmine hit the car of Ali Mabkhout as he was driving back to the IDPs camp eastern al-Hazm city. As a result two children were killed and three others injured, all from one single family. Fonte: en.adenpress.news Yemen–Al-Jawf–Al Hazm L’esplosione di una mina celata in strada…


È solo un sogno….

Buona Pasqua a tutti o come direbbe o avrebbe cantato la Bertè “auguri anche a te e ai sogni mai sognati”. Auguri di buona Pasqua o auguri per questi giorni di feste-ferie. Auguri da lanciare tra piazze affollate e viali illuminati. Auguri da distribuire ovunque, ad anziani, piccini e genitori. Auguri trasformati in bellissime incantate…


European calls for an urgent ceasefire have been rejected by Moscow and Washington.

Libia-Tripolitania-Tripoli Heavy clashes broke out in the southern districts of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, as forces loyal to the country’s UN-recognised government launched a counterattack to repel fighters allied to renegade General Khalifa Haftar. Fonte: aljazeera.com Escalation del conflitto armato investe i quartieri meridionali della capitale libica. Le forze del Governo riconosciuto dall’ONU (GNA), lanciano…


Child killed, seven injured in a hand grenade explosion

A child was killed and seven others were injured as a hand grenade exploded in Karak on Sunday. Police said the children were playing in a street of Mohalla Chatta Banda when they found a toy-like object and started playing with it. However, the object went off, killing four-year-old Ahmad Jan on the spot. Five…


The UN condemned the attack on Thursday, saying that it could even amount to a war crime

Libia-Tripolitania-Tripoli Italy and France agree that the warring sides in the battle for Tripoli must swiftly reach a truce, foreign minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi said on Friday after talks with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian. At least 213 people have died including dozens of civilians and 1,009 have been injured in clashes in Tripoli…

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