Landmine blast kills 4 in Yemen’s Mocha

On Saturday, as many as four people were murdered as a result to a landmine blast in Yemen’s Red Sea port city of Mocha, a security official informed Xinhua. The official stated in condition of secrecy, “A landmine laid previously by the Houthi fighters exploded as a civilian transport vehicle was passing through Zahari area…


Man Killed, 1 Wounded by Landmines in Northern Shan State

One man was killed and another wounded in separate landmine explosions in Namtu and Hsipaw townships in northern Shan State Fonte: irrawaddy.com Birmania–Stato Shan–Kyaukme–Namtu In località Mann San l’esplosione di una mina uccide un contadino. La vittima era al lavoro in un campo agricolo. Anche in questo la zona è stata teatro di feroci conflitti…


Cannonieri per la pace, un goal per Tripoli

Dal 1 ° febbraio al 31 marzo 2019, la missione di supporto delle Nazioni Unite in Libia (UNSMIL) ha documentato vittime civili – 20 morti e 69 feriti – durante la condotta delle ostilità in tutta la Libia, si legge in un rapporto pubblicato oggi. Queste cifre hanno preceduto l’attacco di Khalifa Hafter su Tripoli…


Rohingya Man, 8-Year-Old Son Killed in Blast in Northern Rakhine

A Rohingya news blog reported that both the father and his son died from a landmine blast while working at a vegetable farm nearby. The blog said it remains unclear who was responsible for planting the reported landmine near the Rohingya village in Kyauktaw. Fonte: irrawaddy.com Birmania–Stato Rakhine Nel Municipio di Kyauktaw l’esplosione di una…


Tripoli, 510 morti e 2.467 feriti

Libia-Tripolitania-Tripoli The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) disclosed Wednesday that 20 civilians have been killed and 69 others injured during February and March in hostile acts in various Libyan cities. The mission’s report clarified that the city of Murzuk in the south has borne the brunt of the casualties, with the killing of…


Landmine children

A child was killed and others were injured in a mine explosion in Deir al-Bakht town in the northern sector of Daraa countryside Fonte: syriahr.com Siria–Dar’a In località Dair Elbokhot, l’esplosione di una mina uccide e ferisce un gruppo imprecisato di bambini. Biography of a Bomb


Landmine killed

The explosion of IEDs and mines planted earlier, where a farmer died in a mine explosion in Harasta city in the Eastern Ghouta Fonte: syriahr.com Siria–Damasco–Ghouta orientale-Douma Nel Distretto di Douma, località Harasta (Hirista), l’esplosione di una mina uccide un agricoltore. Biography of a Bomb

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