Three Russian Children Injured After Playing With Hand Grenade

One teenage boy has died, and two others were injured after playing with a World War II-era hand grenade, Interfax news agency reported on Monday. Fonte: themoscowtimes.com La notizia è diffusa da Interfax: L’esplosione di una bomba a mano, risalente alla seconda guerra mondiale uccide un ragazzino e ferisce gravemente due coetanei della vittima. Il…


Four civilians were wounded by the remnants of a cluster bomb

Four civilians were wounded by the remnants of a cluster bomb, from the previous air raids on Maarat al-Numaan. One civilian was killed and a member of Ahrar al-Sham wounded, when a landmine exploded near the village of Al-Halba. Fonte: syrianwardaily Siria- Idlib In località Ma’arrat al-Nu’man, quattro civili subiscono l’esplosione di un residuato bellico,…


Landmine kills four members of a family

Haji Moalem, governor for Khakrez district, told Salam Watandar the incident took place in the Shah Agha area early in the morning. He said such landmines are usually planted by the Taliban that often target civilians. No group has so far taken responsibility for this attack. Fonte: salamwatandar.com In Afghanistan nel territorio di Kandahār (Qandahār),…


Child was killed in landmine explosion

Idlib province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: a child was killed in a landmine explosion in the town of Al-Taman’aa in the southern countryside of Idlib city. Siria–Idlib L’osservatorio Siriano per i Diritti Umani, comunica che in località Al-Taman’aa, un bambino è ucciso dall’esplosione di una mina. Foto-Fonte: syriahr.com

Abed*, his wife and their two children come from a town in Iraq that was taken by ISIS in 2014. The family, including Abed’s two small children, Rayan*, 6 and Rawan*, 4, have been in constant fear the past two years, until they fled and arrived at Garmawa camp, in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, in mid-2016.  They want to go home soon, to live a life free from ISIS.

In Garmawa camp Save the Children is working to address humanitarian concerns and protection needs. Many children are arriving having left everything behind when they fled, and many have experienced significant trauma. We are operating a Child-Friendly Space that provides educational and recreational activities to more than 800 children. We run a library and a playground, and are also distributing vital items such as baby kits, which include blankets, nappies and other essential items. As well as this we provide psychosocial support and case management services – tackling abuse, neglect and other problems – for children who need them. We also support parents, providing educational classes that teach parenting skills, a space where mothers can bring their infants, and training and support through our Early Care and Childhood Development programme.

landmine children

The sources added that a child was killed by the explosion of a landmine set by ISIS near the new bridge of al-Raqqa Siria-Al Raqqa Accade in pieno centro, l’esplosione di una mina uccide un bambino. La piccola vittima procedeva nei pressi del nuovo ponte in Raqqa. Fonte: baladi-news.com Foto: blogs.savethechildren.org


Landmine killed

“If you ever come across anything suspicious like this item, please do not pick it up, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance”. Siria– Al-Raqqa In Al-Raqqah Province a citizen was killed in a landmine explosion in an agricultural land near al-Ekirshi town in the countryside of Al-Raqqah. Foto-Fonte: syriahr.com In località al-Ekirshi, un…


Authorities educate evacuees on unexploded bombs

“If you ever come across anything suspicious like this item, please do not pick it up, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance”.  Anywhere you go when you go to Marawi … Marawi City is an urban city, so definitely those bombs are just in the buildings, in the streets, or in front and…


The civilians killed in the explosions

The civilians killed in the explosions were identified as Bagh Meer, Noor Agha Janson of Lewan Shah and Hazrat Umar. All killed and injured civilians belong to village Aka Khel of Upper Bara, also called as Tirrah Valley. Soon after IED attack on security forces, security tightened in the area. The security forces started search…


Bambino-ordigno bellico-bosco-asilo

06/07/2017 Germania, Assia, Darmstadt During a wolk into the woods, a kid gathers a piece of  iron (maybe he is alone?). The object is not simple iron, it is a bomb, military will say it later. Anyway, the kid takes the bomb to the school. If you ever come across anything suspicious like this item, please…


Somalia, three killed after roadside blast hits passenger buses outside Mogadishu

At least three civilians killed and ten others wounded after two passenger mini-buses they were travelling in hit a roadside bomb at Elasha area on the outskirts of Mogadishu on Saturday. According to locals, the landmine planted on the side of the road hit the passenger vehicles transporting civilians from the capital. Residents reported that…

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