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2 killed, 4 wounded in Helmand landmine blast

Two people have been killed and four others wounded as a result of roadside bomb blast in the Greshk district of southern Helmand province. Fonte: Afghanistan–Helmand–Gereshk L’esplosione di una mina celata in strada uccide due civili e ferendone altre quattro. Biography of a Bomb


Landmine children

Syrian Observatory documented the death of 3 children in a mine explosion from the remnants of the “Islamic state” Organization yesterday in Masada village in the countryside of Salamiyah Fonte: Siria–Hama–Salamiya–Masada L’esplosione di una mina uccide tre bambini. Biography of a Bomb


Fighting the landmine curse in Zimbabwe

By Southern Times The war against landmines in Zimbabwe should have been won long back. Tracts of land, most of it arable and fertile, should have long been handed over for use to the communities. But aid has been hard to come by. The struggle against these deadly war remnants continues. Thousands have lost their…


Landmine blast

They went to seek mushrooms between their village and the Burma Army’s camp. It’s about one hour away from Swam Tawng village by foot,” Sai Soe Mueng said, referring to the village where the women came from. “Villagers found mushrooms there every year. They have never stepped on a landmine there before, but the two…


Landmine blast

A farmer in the rural township of Kutkai, in Myanmar’s northern Shan state, was working in his paddy field when a landmine concealed beneath vegetation exploded, inflicting severe injuries. The victim – a 39-year-old father of three – was rushed to hospital with shrapnel wounds to his left leg, hand and stomach, and fortunately survived….


Landmine blast

3 injured in IED blast outside Pakistan Consulate General in Jalalabad Fonte: Afghanistan–Nangarhar–Jalalabad L’esplosione di una mina (Ied), piazzata non distante dal Consolato Pakistano ferisce un addetto alla sicurezza e due richiedenti asilo. Biography of a Bomb

At least 5 killed, 17 injured in Upper Dir IED blast

As a remote control bomb went off near a passenger bus in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s Upper Dir district on Sunday on Sunday. Fonte: Pakistan-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa–Upper Dir L’esplosione di una mina Ied, uccide cinque civili ferendone altri 17. Biography of a Bomb

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