Ognuno recita il proprio ruolo, immerso in quella divina sensazione di devozione allo scopo comune: la realizzazione di un'opera d'arte, che anche la bonifica bellica sa idealizzare.



È solo un sogno….

Buona Pasqua a tutti o come direbbe o avrebbe cantato la Bertè “auguri anche a te e ai sogni mai sognati”. Auguri di buona Pasqua o auguri per questi giorni di feste-ferie. Auguri da lanciare tra piazze affollate e viali illuminati. Auguri da distribuire ovunque, ad anziani, piccini e genitori. Auguri trasformati in bellissime incantate…


European calls for an urgent ceasefire have been rejected by Moscow and Washington.

Libia-Tripolitania-Tripoli Heavy clashes broke out in the southern districts of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, as forces loyal to the country’s UN-recognised government launched a counterattack to repel fighters allied to renegade General Khalifa Haftar. Fonte: aljazeera.com Escalation del conflitto armato investe i quartieri meridionali della capitale libica. Le forze del Governo riconosciuto dall’ONU (GNA), lanciano…


Child killed, seven injured in a hand grenade explosion

A child was killed and seven others were injured as a hand grenade exploded in Karak on Sunday. Police said the children were playing in a street of Mohalla Chatta Banda when they found a toy-like object and started playing with it. However, the object went off, killing four-year-old Ahmad Jan on the spot. Five…


Landmine kills eight in Borno

Eight people were killed in Borno State, northeast Nigeria, near the border with Cameroon on Monday when a vehicle hit a roadside mine, security sources told AFP. Fonte: punchng.com Nigeria-Borno Otto civili uccisi dall’esplosione di una mina celata in strada. Le vittime viaggiavano in auto. Biography of a Bomb


Arming both sides happens more often than is realised. One of the classic examples was Libya towards the end of the Gaddafi regime in 2011

Libia-Tripolitania-Tripoli U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in New York that “the number of civilian casualties, and attacks on civilian property and infrastructure, are worryingly on the rise.” Ghassan Salame, the U.N. envoy for Libya, briefed the Security Council behind closed doors from the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and told members he was very concerned at the…


Landmine explosion kills Yemeni citizen in Hodeidah

The local security source, who asked to remain anonymous, said that “one of the landmines planted by the Houthi fighters exploded on a public road, killing a citizen in the district of Durayhmi, south of Hodeidah province.” Fonte: xinhuanet.com Yemen–Al-Ḥudayda (Hodeida/Hodeyda) In zona Durayhmi, l’esplosione di una mina uccide un 22-enne. La bomba era celata…


Libya crisis: Tripoli offensive continues

Libia-Tripolitania-Tripoli Libya’s self-proclaimed National Army says offensive will not stop until terrorists are cleared from Libya. Its spokesman Ahmed Al-Mesmari claims that the current unrest in the country is interference from the outside world. “ We know that the battle is very large and we also know that the battle is decisive and therefore we…


Two children killed, 5 injured in landmine blast in Aleppo

A source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA’s reporter that the victims had found a landmine left behind by terrorists in the 1070 Apartments project at the western outskirts of Aleppo city, and they transported the landmine to the 3rd neighborhood in al-Hamadaniya area where it went off while they were tampering with it, killing…


L’Associazione Nazionale Vittime Civili di Guerra fa visita a prefetto e sindaco

L’ Associazione Nazionale Vittime Civili di Guerra (ANVCG) tutela le vittime civili di guerra, le loro famiglie, promuove la cultura della pace e la sensibilizzazione dell’opinione pubblica sui tragici effetti delle guerre sulle popolazioni civili. Il neo eletto consiglio della sezione ANVCG di Pesaro, rappresentato dal presidente Davide Venturi, dal vicepresidente Goffredo Guerra, dai Consiglieri Lucilla…


Shelling kills four in Tripoli as UN debates Libya ceasefire

Libia-Tripolitania-Tripoli Al Jazeera’s Mmahmoud Abdelwahed, reported from Tripoli, said it was not the first time Haftar’s forces targetted civilian areas. “Many people here are also wondering why the international community is not putting pressure on Haftar to stop the escalation in and around the capital Tripoli,” he said. Fonte: aljazeera.com Granate d’artiglieria sparate dalle milizie…